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Our Model of Whiskey Cask Purchase

The Irish Whiskey cask purchase model is a way for private investors and institutions to enter into a market that was historically limited to the select few; Either those with direct links to distilleries or Ultra High Net Worth individuals with the financial prowess to buy their way into the market of their choice.

Our model allows investors to enter into the advanced purchase of casks of raw Whiskey from one of renowned partner distilleries at prices way below wholesale. This ensures future profits for the cask owners whilst also creating cash flow for the distillery.

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All of our partner distilleries hold the globally recognised Origin Green certification for sustainable production and are committed to the strict Geographical Indication protection guidelines for Irish Whiskey. Therefore, our clients are assured of consistency of quality and supply.

As soon as you complete your order with us, your Whiskey production process will commence, with your raw Whiskey being distilled and ultimately decanted into your very own casks. Each cask is then barcoded and registered in your name. These casks will then remain securely stored at the distilleries own warehouse under bond, where they are fully insured for fire and theft.

As proof of ownership and authenticity, you will receive a Certificate of Ownership and Provenance.

Our model has been carefully but expertly developed but remains simple and sustainable. It provides investors with the much sought-after equilibrium of high levels of security with the potential for over and above average returns.

Fundamentally, Whiskey increases in value as it ages so is therefore an appreciating asset. Only after 3 years and one day of cask maturing can the spirit be officially classified as an ‘Irish Whiskey’. At this point it becomes a valuable, tradable commodity which can demand a healthy profit.

All our casks are 225 Litre and ex-Bourbon/ Sherry or Rioja based to impart superior flavour. Typically, each cask will yield between 350 and 420 standard 70cl bottles. This is dependent on your choice of hold (how long you leave your Whiskey maturing in cask.)

All of the whiskies that we champion are 100% single malt Irish Whiskey, universally recognised as a premium product.

After 3 years, your Whiskey can be officially sold as an Irish Whiskey, 4 years if it is to be a US marketable product, however, the longer you hold your cask in Bond, the higher the potential for returns. We recommend letting your cask age for at least 10 years, however we understand that some clients like to realise their profit much earlier, so have a number of simple exit strategies.

Our experience teaches us that the older the Whiskey, the greater the returns, reinforced with the fact that record auction prices for rare Irish Whiskey are constantly being set.

Selling Your Casks

As a cask owner, once your Whiskey reaches its 3rd anniversary, it’s your decision when and how you sell your casks. Although our expert advice would be for you to hold your casks for as long as possible, you do have multiple options. You may want to sell your casks to another investor. For older casks, you may decide to auction your casks online. Casks which are aged for a decade or more will give the best returns.

We will assist in sale of your casks. We aim to net a target profit of 40%.

Actual returns will depend on market conditions at the time, and the final responsibility for selling the casks remain with the cask owner. Terms and conditions will apply.

Despite our expert advice we will never place any restrictions on how you choose to sell however where possible we guide you in all sale routes.

Some of the options open to you could include:

Guaranteed Buy Back

At the end of your 3-year hold you can exercise our Guaranteed Buy Back Clause. We have agreed with the producers that if required they will buy the product back at a pre-arranged value.

Online Exchanges

This process is very straightforward and secure, just like any other exchange or trading platform. You can sell any number of casks through this way and in doing so they will allocate each cask a unique token. Your casks are then placed on the exchange, and once price meets demand, you sell. Exchanges take their nominal commission for doing so.

Auction Your Casks

This option will be suited to those in possession of more mature casks. In recent years, specialist Whiskey auctions have emerged as a result of the Irish Whiskey renaissance with record auction prices being set all the time.

Sell to Another Distillery

Experts predict that Irish Whiskey will be in short supply in upcoming years, which will naturally drive the prices up. As production capacity is also limited and demand is continually growing, it’s more than logical to expect that casks will be highly sought after. Distilleries across the globe, from Japan to US, acquire Whiskey this way, especially where their capacity is limited.

Sell to Another Buyer

After your casks have matured for over 3 years, another investor may wish to purchase the set and allow them to mature for even longer. As Irish Whiskey’s current renaissance is still in its infancy, we believe that the potential for expansive growth will result in this option being particularly popular in the future.

We envisage early entrance buyers will benefit from this in a big way.

As the adage states, the early bird catches the worm.