You might have heard a lot of people saying terms like ‘single malt’ or ‘grain’ while you were at a bar and someone was talking about whiskey. This happens if you are with someone who is fond of whiskey and now you are trying to learn and explore about the same, that’s why you are here too!

No, worries!

We will give you the right knowledge you need about malt Irish whiskey and grain Irish whiskey and how they are different. However, before that let’s have a look at what whiskey means. It is an alcoholic drink made from fermented grains. Different types of whiskey include scotch, bourbon and Irish, and many more.


Irish whiskey

Grain Whiskey

The grain Irish whiskey that is made from wheat and corn is known as grain whiskey. In order to make the grain whiskey, it is heated under pressure so that the starch stored within the grain is converted into sugar. The grain naturally has a lot of starch stored in its shell. The taste of grain whiskey depends more upon which grain has been used in the making. Corn whiskey is considered to be sweet whereas rye whiskey is more likely to be spicy and dry.

Malted Whiskey

Malted Irish whiskey is exclusively made from malted barley. This is considered to be more expensive than others. Due to the high amount of labor it requires, it costs more and is considered more special. It attracts more attention than grain whiskey due to its specialty. Single malt whiskey is a term used for drinks that were made at only a single distillery. The taste of this whiskey is a little bit sweet in flavor and has a toffee or caramel taste. 

Along with these two, there is one more type, blended whiskey. Just as it says, blended whiskey is a blend of all the different types of whiskey done with the intention to achieve a new flavor. 

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