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Irish whiskey, which dates back to the middle ages, was one of Europe’s first fermented beverages. About 1000 AD, Irish priests are thought to have introduced the skill of extracting fragrances back to Scotland from their journeys in southern Europe. The Irish then tweaked the process to make drinking alcohol. Usually referred to as “whiskey,” the alcohol created during this time would not have been seasoned and was frequently flavored with herbal ingredients such as mint, thyme, or anise. Irish Mist, a whiskey beverage introduced in 1963, is said to be inspired by one of these recipes.

Irish Whiskey



Irish Whiskey

Whenever your Whiskey approaches its third anniversary, it’s up to you to decide when and where to sell your barrels as a cask holder. However our recommendation is to keep your barrels for as long as possible, you do have other alternatives. It’s possible that you’ll wish to sell your barrels to a different shareholder. You may elect to offer your barrels digitally if they are older. The finest results come from whiskies that have been matured for a decade or longer.


Because of its unrivaled worldwide popularity, Irish Whiskey has been named the extremely fast liquor in the world every year since 1990. Exports are increasing at a rate of over 15% per year, resulting in the development of present facilities as well as the construction of new ones.


We can help with every phase of the process, from buying to selling their cask, and we can even help them figure out the most efficient and profitable way to liquidate their inventory based on their specific needs. Our expertise has shown us that the older the Whiskey, the higher the returns, which is backed up by the fact that record auction prices for rare Irish Whiskey are established on a regular basis.There are 32 distilleries in operation in Ireland as of December 2019, with more planned or under construction.


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