NHWA stands for New Hibernian Whiskey Advisory. It is a once in a lifetime opportunity for you to invest in whiskey casks and plan for maximum potential returns on your investment. Founded by a group of likeminded experts from the alcoholic beverage industry and the financial sector have created a model for you to easily understand the benefits of investing in a whisky cask along with the process of how to execute it.

After deep researching and exploring the correlation between the Irish whiskey and its investment facets, the knowledge is passed on to you through expert advisors. Now, you might wonder that from all the things available in this huge world, why go for Irish Whiskey? Well, here’s what the founders have to say about it.

Irish Wishkey


The main factors that promote investment in the Irish whisky cask are as follows –


No fear of ageing

When it comes to investing, the longer you keep the better it should be. Investing in assets like watches or cars, one cannot be sure whether the product will be better with passing years. However, when it comes to Irish Whiskey, there is no fear of the product ageing with passing years. The collectors can keep hold on their whisky casks for as much time as they want. They can wait for the best deal, before they choose to dissolve their investment.


● The market is all set to boom –

According to experts, the sales of Irish Whiskey could overtake the sales of Scotch within the next 10 years. Also, the Irish whiskey sales globally outperformed Scottish, American and Canadian Whiskeys in 2019 at 9%.


● High demand –

In the year 2018, 4.7 million cases were sold alone in the US. Also, 144 million bottles are exported annually to 135 countries which equals 1.1 billion USD. This shows the demand for Irish Whisky, not only at a specific geographical location but all over the world.

 Are you convinced about Irish Whiskey being the most tempting and secure investing option for     you, or should we say more for the same? Well, no worries, we will keep you updated about the    Irish Whisky investments through our blogs on regular intervals. Do keep in touch and keep           reading to stay updated and to get convinced soon.