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Buy Whiskey Barrell

The Irish Whiskey Cask Buying Framework enables commercial people and organizations to enter a marketplace that was previously only accessible to a privileged elite; whether those with direct ties to producers or those with the monetary means to buy their way into the industry of their preference.

Buy Whiskey Barrell

We pick the most intriguing and ultimately top casked whiskies from the top Irish estates around and provide our clients the chance to buy straightforwardly from source prior to purification through our excellent, historical ties on the Emerald Isle.

Buy Whiskey Barrel

Our capability to collect the crude ingredients that go into making Irish Whiskey allows us to offer a diverse variety of our preferred whiskies to our customers. aid them in estimating the most efficient and profitable strategy of liquidating their portfolio, based on their specific needs. Buy Whiskey Barrell


We give our clients honest advice that is tailored to their objectives. With unprecedented gains expected in the Whiskey market, our preferred plan would be to keep the casks for a long time; however, we recognise that some clients prefer guarantees over possibilities. Buy Whiskey Barrell


To put it simply, we source, sell, and keep Whiskey until our clients tell us differently.

Numerous new distilleries offer separate consumers some sort of cask buying programme. But, with prices ranging widely and each plan offering a variety of perks, how can you decide which one to pick? What is the true cost of owning a cask?


A cask purchase scheme is exactly as it sounds like: you agree to pay a fixed amount to buy a barrel, which is then left to ripen for a specific time frame before being bottled. The initial acquisition price covers administration, storage, and security, as well as the final payment when the barrel is issued, which includes tax at the current rate, plus VAT charges.


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