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About Us

Who We Are

The New Hibernian Whiskey Advisory was founded in the midst of the renaissance of Ireland’s very own spirit, by a team of likeminded experts-come-Whiskey-aficionados from both the alcoholic beverage industry and the financial sector, bound to each other for a love of everything relating to the Emerald Isle herself as well as one of its most luxurious exports.

The founding partners’ combined expertise and knowledge across their respective fields, married with their desire to be an integral part of the re-emergence of Irish Whiskey, led them on a long and exciting journey across their ancestral home on a mission to locate, taste and source the finest examples of the new wave of the glorious island’s traditional beverage. From Wexford to Louth, from Louth to Donegal, from Donegal to Cork and then back to Wexford, they left no establishment untried in their quest to find their favourite Whiskies. Whether it was a carouse in Cavan, a tipple in Tipperary, a sip in Sligo or a Malt in Mayo, they “painstakingly” sampled, dram by dram, all that the Republic had to offer to find their preferred aromas and palates.

Along the way they met friends and family old and new, poets, historians, Whiskey experts, master distillers and everybody else in between. They sampled as much of the Spirit of Ireland as they possibly could, learning all there was about the history of Ireland, the tradition and the rebirth of Irish Whiskey and the thriving economy built around it.

This knowledge is now passed on to you through our expert advisors in an attempt to assist you in making the most out of your cask purchase and the potential returns on offer.

Slainte Mhaith!!!
whiskey cask purchase

What We Do - About Whiskey Cask Purchase

The Irish Whiskey cask purchase model is a way for private investors and institutions to enter into a market that was historically limited to the select few; Either those with direct links to distilleries or Ultra High Net Worth indivduals with the financial prowess to buy their way into the market of their choice.

Through our strong, longstanding relationships on the Emerald Isle we source the most exciting and, potentially highest returning casked whiskies from the best Irish distilleries around and offer to our client the opportunity to purchase direct from source prior to distillation.

Our ability to acquire the raw materials that become Irish Whiskey from source lets us provide a choice selection of our favourite whiskies to our clientele. We endeavour to achieve our clients highly reduced rates of discount to ensure they can maximise their returns.

We advise in all areas of the process, from purchase to the sale of their casks, and will even assist with calculating the most effective and fruitful method of liquidising their portfolio, in keeping with their bespoke requirements.

We advise our clients honestly and in accordance with their desired strategies. With returns in the Whiskey market projected to go through the roof in an unprecedent fashion, our preferred strategy would be to hold the casks long term, however, we do understand that some clients prefer guarantees over possibilities.

In fundamental terms we source, sell and store the Whiskey until our clients state otherwise.

Why The New Hibernian Whiskey Advisory?

Expert Advisors

Our team of advisors are all well versed and experienced within the Whiskey sector with extensive training and educations within both the rare spirit and financial markets.

Low Entry Investment Level

Become a Rare Whiskey Cask Collection Owner from just £5,000.

Flexible Timescales

Own your casks for as long as you want, but bare in mind the longer Whiskey is stored the more expensive it becomes!

Strong and Longstanding Irish Relationships

With healthy and genuine relationships along every step of the Irish Whiskey production chain we are expertly positioned to deliver our clients the most profitable service.

Swift and Easy Exit

A Multitude of exit strategies available, from selling back to the distillery, or allowing us to sell on to another buyer.

Super-Wholesale Discount

Buy premium grade premium Irish Whiskey at rates of discount far greater than the standard wholesale discount.

All Casks Safely Secured

All casks are insured and held safe at a distillery’s secure bonded warehouse.

Asset Backed

Own your physical share of the spirit of Ireland, in the form of securely stored and insured casks.